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Author of - the Peter Hacket chronicles

About the Chronicles

When the UK Government's austerity programme forced a restructuring of the UK Intelligence Services many experienced and expensively trained specialist field operatives were forcefully retired.


Desk jockeys using computers were considered the way forward.

That was until it was realised covert field action was required to safeguard UK Limited against organised crime and terrorist threats.

The solution was to create a 'consultancy' company, CG Consulting Ltd. headed by a senior ex-SIS  operative,  Charles Uncle Grimshaw.

He engaged experienced ex-SIS field agents on a commission basis.

One such agent was Peter Hacket.

These chronicles 'go public' concerning the 'quiet side' of the UK Secret Services.

About Borneo Bloodline

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About Richmond, London


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About Black Diamond Baroness

East Malaysia/Syria


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“Hacket was always the type of guy that would assassinate you rather than leave you  hung out to dry. He’s kind of tidy like that."

Charles Grimshaw, UK Retread Operations

to Frederick Marsh, his  handler in

SIS/MI6 Vauxhall Cross, UK.

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